How to Shoot Sequences



Have Ever Struggled With Creating Professional Looking Videos?  


  You NEED to Know this, It has to become instinctive…. If framing, composition and building a sequence is not already something you do in your sub conscious and without thinking then I hate to shatter your illusion but you have a big problem. You simply need to know this stuff.


Can You Answer Yes To The Following Questions?


  • Could you shoot a 20 shot sequence in 15 minutes or less?
  • Is framing and composition second nature?
  • Does every shot you shoot count?
  • Would you be happy handing over your media to an editor, confident they could cut an amazing sequence?
  • Could you turn a mundane subject into an engaging video sequence?
  • Do you know when to use what lens?
  • Are you able to work efficiently on location?
  • Do you ever get to edit and wonder why key shots are missing?
  • Have you ever wished you could have a process map that would allow this stuff to become second nature?


  These may look like very basic steps, but they are the building blocks of the process you require to get to a professional level. 

So even though you think you might know these, if you don’t perform these very crucial steps at the beginning, you won’t be able to achieve what you need further on.

There would be no point advancing what you do because you don’t have the knowledge - these are the building blocks of knowledge, of the filming process.


How Do I know this?


  I’ve been shooing this stuff for well over 20 years….  I’ve filmed in over 50 countries and completed thousands of shoots - do you want to risk the University of Google?  Or get the tried and tested methods from someone who has been there and done it? 

There is not a single filming situation that I have not been in….

We’re not talking about feature films and superficial ego projects… No, this is real life.  

  This year alone I have travelled  to Australia, Singapore, Cost Rica, Ireland, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and Vancouver…  next I am off to Singapore and then Hong Kong, then Kuala Lumpur after that…. and that’s only taken me to June.

  And you know what?  even in seemingly glamorous locations, the shots don’t shoot themselves and you’d be surprised how challenging making the ordinary look great can be.  

  It’s simple;  take this class, apply the techniques and follow my process and all of those fears, anxieties and nerves will quickly be replaced with knowledge, confidence and ability.


Why Struggle Alone?


  Often when you shoot you will be faced with mundane, boring locations…. and you never have enough time.

  The only way to get the job done and be proud of why you film is to immerse yourself in a process that guarantees you confidence at the other end.

  As soon as you master this you will be able to move on to and understand about advanced film making a lot better and a lot quicker.  Once you know this inside-out, it will get you to a more advanced level in a much quicker time.


Want A Simple and Easy Solution?


  Imagine if you could turn up to any location anywhere and know exactly what to do?  Can you picture yourself in that situation?  Compare how you feel right now and imagine what that same situation might look like 5 weeks from now?


What if I told you that in 1 month from now you could easily achieve the following:


  • You could learn the fundamentals of framing and the simplicity would amaze you.
  • Instinctively know how to create emotion simply by choosing the right lens.
  • You could discover how to direct simple action sequences involving the public (not actors, just regular folks).
  • Imagine being able to create a short film for a local business, your church or a friend or family project.
  • What if when you showed your film to friends, they complimented you on how professional it looks.
  • Picture having the knowldege to film in any situation.
  • What if you could tap into the brain of an expert every day for a month.
  • What would this level of confidence do for your self esteem as a film maker?


Never Screw Up A Shoot Ever Again! 


  How to shoot Sequences is a 4 week interactive film making journey that will walk you through each and every little step of composition, lens choice, framing shooting sequences and creating great looking video projects.  This is the blueprint of film making success.

  Each week new content will be released allowing you to walk through each stage one step at a time.

Week 1 - Fundamentals and foundation


  • Fundamentals of film making - the building blocks
  • Hand Held, Tripod, Slider, Monopod - When to use them
  • Framing, Rule of Thirds & working with talent
  • Framing Landscapes, positioning Frame and talent within
  • Composition, How to create contrast
  • Depth of field and field of view - know how to use it
  • Prime lenses or zooms? which are best?
  • How to shoot a simple sequence

Week 2 - On location interview and sequence


  • Practical application of week 1 skills
  • Location shoot with a fisherman in Sydney
  • Shoot interview on location just using camera mic on C100
  • Film 61 shots in 20 minutes step by step
  • Over 2 hours of edit tutorials shows how the sequence could be cut
  • Discover the WHY of how edit decisions are made
  • Assembly of interview audio to tell story
  • Construct 3 independent sequences
  • Fine cut film and add music/sound mix

Week 3 - Corporate film shoot case study


  • I show you how to shoot corporate promo film for a horse stables 
  • Step by step explanation of on location planning
  • Shoot multiple locations on farm
  • Interview shoot with Michaela - how to tie it together
  • 10 video lessons lasting over 2 hrs

Week 4 - Film making challenge 


  • Catch up week and film making challenge
  • Apply new skills and try out ideas
  • Learn how to work to a deadline
  • 2 weeks to complete challenge
  • Den will be on hand to guide you via portal
  • Enjoy it - don't freak out

Week 5 - Bonus week - film review


  • Submit film to members area via Vimeo or You Tube link
  • One off bonus webinar where Den will offer critiques
  • Every member level can access this one off session
  • Will be recorded so you can watch again
  • Platinum and Elite can download and keep
  • Feedback from Den and other members in a safe and constructive environment


This course is backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee  

Try the program for 30 days, watch all of the content and do the exercises.

If after the 30 days you have not grown in confidence, I will refund you in full.


  This is so crucial that I want everyone to be able to access this.  That is why there is an entry level price so that anyone can afford to access this vital information.  



Affordable access for the budget conscious film maker

  • 3 months of 24/7 access
  • Streaming HD videos only
  • Interact with Den on Daily basis
  • Acess all bonus content unrestricted
  • Engage fully with other members 
  • Ask questions and post comments
  • Stream to your iPad with wifi
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • One time Investment only $497


Do You Really Want To Keep Struggling On Your Own?


  If you choose to take this program and access this information and apply the information then I guarantee you  will succeed to a level point where you are far more advanced than your contemporaries and make your life much easier.

  Once you know this inside-out, it will get you to a more advanced level in a much quicker time.

  Look, this is simple…. some people are happy to plod along and waste hours searching blogs and You Tube trying to deconstruct the process.  The problem  with reverse engineering is that you simply don’t know when you might miss one vital step.  

  And The trouble is you’ll never know until someone shows you the correct steps and in the correct sequence.  

  If you are one of those people then no offence but I don’t want you to join tho program - it’s not for you.

  I do not say this to brag, but it is fact.  I am a sought after producer and DP across the world and my production company is routinely awarded major contracts by international organisations in our industry -  what is access to me and the information I hold worth to you?  I’m doing this day in and day out and at the highest professional level.


PLUS you get 7 Bonus Videos





Who this is NOT for:


  Do not apply if you think that you can just watch the content and suddenly you’ll be a better film maker.  You do have to go and actually apply what I share with you.  This program is not for the desktop filmmaker.  If you even remotely think that is you, Do Not Apply.  


  Let me be clear.  

  Film making requires effort and commitment beyond handing over your credit card and buying a shiny new camera. 

  I am not interested in you if you buy this program then whinge and moan with some cock and bull excuse that you did not get anything out of it or ‘know this stuff already’.  Read carefully, watch the video and if you feel you qualify then I welcome you with open arms...


  The fact is I have decanted the most important elements of composition, framing  and shooting sequences from my 20 years of shooting.  Everything you need to become a better film maker is contained within these 4 weeks.


The Next Four Weeks Could Change Your Film Making Forever...


  I spent the first 3 years of my career working under a cameraman learning this stuff… every day sometimes 2-3 times per day.  I'm offering you the opportunity to learn this in only 4 weeks.

  Repetition of these core skills is what will lead you to fulfilling your desire to more accomplished results.

  Lather…. Rinse…. Repeat

  Are you ready to take your film making up a gear

Here's What You Need to Do 

  • Step 1- Choose your membership level
  • Step 2 - Enjoy the journey and I'll see you on the inside

  The only choice you really have to make is are you ready to take your filming to the next level or are you gonna stay stuck at the bottom?

Your decision, Sofa or Success?

Hope to see you on the inside



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