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If you are an  aspiring filmmaker and want to  master the craft of Lighting, framing, composition and constructing sequences to make compelling films and engaging video content, then you're in the right place.  You join over 3,000 filmmakers from all over the world who since 2009 have grow in confidence and ability and mastered a greater practical understanding of core skills in lighting, composition, shooting sequences core camera and editing skills.. 

If you want to create an income from video production you can build a profitable business too.  You can  'learn at your own pace' in a Home Study Programs as well as attend in person live workshops and seminars.

Become a more confident filmmaker then enjoy your new skills or take things up a gear and create an income from video production. For many  clients, their dream was always to become a full time filmmaker but life got in the way or well meaning parents pushed them to 'get a proper job'.  Now they have time and a strong desire to fulfil that lifelong ambition and these resources can and will  accelerate that process for you.


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