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How to make branding work for Creatives

podcast Oct 09, 2018

How to make branding work for Creatives with David Fernandez

 Business for Creatives Podcast #EP03 - David Fernandez

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Are you struggling with how to position your brand and don’t know which direction to go? You might be asking, how important is branding for my creative business? In this episode, David Fernandez, of Evolv Design, shares his secrets on how branding is not solely for big brands and why you as a business should care about your brand. David also dives deep into the how you can use branding to build trust with your target market resulting in more clients.


Turn the volume up, listen and take notes on this episode!


What you will learn in this episode…


  • The most common misconception about branding
  • How important is it to know your target market
  • Generic Vs Branded, how do you stand out amongst your peers
  • Questions you need to ask yourself before doing a brand analysis
  • Discover the branding strategies that cost next to nothing
  • How to build credibility that will earn trust from your target market

Quotable Quotes


Branding is all about consistency


Someone who strategizes always is going to have a better success rate than one who just uses the latest tactics to get by


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