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Who is Den Lennie

Den Lennie is a 23 year veretran Video Producer,  Author & Keynote Speaker.

He is the world's leading authority on business coaching for corporate filmmakers and small video production houses.

He has worked with Major brands and A-List celebrities in over 50 countries.

Since 2009 he has transformed the lives of over 3500 filmmakers in 40 countries.

His mission is to help filmmakers around the world create consistent monthly income and charge their true market value.

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Where Could You Most Use Some Help?

Getting More Clients

You want more clients right? But perhaps you are not clear enough about WHO are your BEST fit Clients

Planning & Mindset

90% of Success is having the right mindset and creating a strategic plan that aligns with your financial goals 

Skills Training

Need help with Lighting?  Shooting Sequences? or Camera Specific skills? Take one of our DIY courses online

What Our Clients Say

"Den has this extraordinary ability to hit the nail on the head every time with his advice which resonates in every area of my business. I bought the book, signed up for the Elite programme (the cost of which I made back on charging correctly for a one day edit!) and broke the £100k mark just 6 months after first meeting with him"

Louise Mendonca
Red Spot Films (UK)

"Den’s Video Business Inner Circle is helping me get my marketing on track with a no bullshit approach and by making me accountable for getting things done"

Alexander Buhlert
Peaklight Productions (Germany)

"The inner circle has been a really phenomenal experience so far. Beyond just having immediate access to Den, a wealth of how-to videos and critiques whenever required, there’s a great community of like minded [international] business owners all at my disposal 24-7. I have had a great experience thus far and would recommend it to others who are serious in growing their video production business. I’ve learned a lot in the past several months and I feel more confident in my business every day. Thumbs up!"

Chris Stanley
Amber Pacific Studios (Canada)

"Running your own video production company can be quite isolating, especially if there’s only a few, or possibly one person in the company. Having someone on hand like Den who actually understands the challenges faced by video production companies and has the practical experience and advice to help us grow our business is immensely valuable. Knowing that Den is in our corner helps ensure we follow through. The support we receive on a regular basis through different mediums (print, audio, video, critiques, forums etc...) ensures that no matter how distracted we get dealing with the day-to-day needs of running a business we stay focused and on track to accomplish our ultimate goals - to have not only a more successful business but also a better work life balance"

Shane Martin
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