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The Power of Personal Branding with Rebecca Flint

branding podcast Jan 29, 2019

Business for Creatives Podcast #EP11 - Rebecca Flint

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More often than not, most of us associate branding with a logo. However, it’s way more than just a logo...

It’s everything from your brand identity to your brand messaging and to so, so much more.

In this episode, Den chats with Rebecca Flint, an entrepreneur, and a personal branding expert. She's been a Telstra Women's Business Award finalist with almost two decades of branding expertise under her belt. Now she coaches business owners on how to grow their businesses by utilising her proven branding techniques. 

Find out how she used her personal and corporate branding strategies to help grow her family business to seven figures.

Get the secrets as you listen in and hear the in-depth discussion on why you should pursue personal branding, get into networking, build genuine relationships and put out valuable social media content to position your business as the go-to source. 

What you’ll learn from this episode includes: 

  • A story of her shattered dreams and piecing her life back together and starting her own business
  • Branding and everything it encompasses in the modern world of business
  • Authentic positioning and branding - its massive return on your investment
  • Why should you consider genuine networking, building authentic relationships, and putting out valuable social media content
  • Being an influencer versus personal brand
  • Purging your email list - why you need to start it right now 
  • Hundred percent planning-a personal habit to imbibe to reach success


“The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks 

“From Zero to Branded” by Rebecca Flint

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