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How a Former Truck Driver dove into an Underwater Imaging Business

podcast Oct 23, 2018

How a Former Truck Driver dove into an Underwater Imaging Business with Peter Lightowler

Business for Creatives Podcast #EP04 - Peter Lightowler

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The inevitable challenges life will bring you are going to make or break you. Yet for Peter Lightowler, it has had a different impact. After a heavily laden palette dropped on his back resulting in a fractured spine, he realised that life is short. It made him focus on what he wants in life; that is underwater filming.

In this episode, Den and Pete will dive head-first into helping you to overcome your fears, give you more clarity on what you want and provide you with actionable steps that’ll lead you to achieving your goal. Listen in now and enjoy!

What you will learn in this episode is…

  • The secret technique Peter uses to partner up with large companies to supply underwater cinematography and digital media creation
  • The biggest challenge that led him to follow his passion
  • How Peter went from driving a truck to shooting commercials
  • The simple, yet complex process of getting a perfect underwater shot
  • The real motivation behind turning a passion into a profitable business

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