Business for Creatives Podcast #EP01 - Charley Valher

podcast Sep 12, 2018


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#001 - What You Need to Know about Scaling your Business with Charley Valher

Do you want to know how to grow your business that does not require you?

You are in for a treat in this episode of The Business for Creatives Podcast.

Charley's credentials are impressive!

He is a serial entrepreneur from Australia, known for his distinct methods when it comes to developing business.

In this launch episode, we dive in deep on topics like:

- How Charley went from being self-employed to a business owner
- The One Thing that a business owner must do while scaling your business
- The importance of pursuing things that don’t require YOU
- The new study puts a spotlight on the dark side of hustling as a means to grow a business
- The Trifecta of Business; that drives Charley to systemize his business & how it’ll change your life and business
- Why creating a system is a crucial part of owning a business & the key to being an owner (not just an operator)

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