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Systems Set You Free

systems Oct 18, 2018

Would you like to see your business running like clockwork while you're off vacationing at the beach, the mountains, or overseas?

One thing which sets apart a successful business from an unsuccessful one is the use of systems and processes. If you want to get to the point where you can work on your business and not always have to work in it, you need to develop systems and process, i.e., a step-by-step checklist, for each business function and activity, and then implement them.

Everything from product development to marketing to invoicing to customer service needs a simple system. Once you've created this systems and processes and yes you know it's work and you'll be able to save a ton of time and effort.

Imagine you wanted to go on a relaxing vacation and you wanted to outsource much of what you do as soon as possible, but you wanted to be sure everything got done correctly-just the way you like it. First, you would need to list all of the systems you use in your business.


So how do you start to create the systems and processes that will set you free?

Write down everything you would want your team or the people managing your business to know so that things get done the way you want them done. Yes, this requires a bit of work but imagines now that you hire a new employee or outsourced team member and want to train them. Your task is so much less time-consuming.

Let's assume that you're ready for a real vacation. Your systems and processes are in place, and everyone knows what needs to be done in your absence. If you keep notes on the process you go through each time you perform a task, then you can add to it a bit at a time, and before you know it, you will have documented each system.

The System For Systems.

Even if you're solo, as you get busy you'll need to outsource many functions, like administrative work, marketing tasks, customer support, and bookkeeping. If you have recorded the systems and processes that work best for your business, you can feel more confident that your way of doing things is being followed.

Many business owners have complained that their employees don't do things the way they've been asked to do them, and the owner ends up picking up the slack. Developing clear systems and processes for how each job is performed and each task accomplished will make it much easier to get employees to comply with your wishes. And assigning duties to employees based on their talents and passions will also yield stronger results. Best of all, it will free up that most precious of commodities-time.

Systems and processes are meant to put parts of your business on autopilot, but they should be reviewed and revised regularly, so they don't become rigid and stale. Start with the tasks you repeat again and again, or that you explain to your assistant again and again. Once you realize the difference this makes in your business; you'll be hooked on this process.

I can hear you sigh with relief. So get started now! Systems and processes will set you free!



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