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How to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs

podcast Nov 06, 2018

How to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs with Prue Sturgeon

Business for Creatives Podcast #EP05 - Prue Sturgeon

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No matter what creative work you do, you're limited by your body. By touching on the root cause, your body will heal and allow you to work to your fullest potential. That’s where Kinesiology comes in with its rise to popularity amongst creatives, artists and entrepreneurs.


On today’s episode, we have Prue Sturgeon. She is an Integrative Complementary Medicine Practitioner & Kinesiologist. Listen to Prue and Den as they take a closer look at the incredible results of Kinesiology in their lives. She shares how this modality will help creatives find balance and understanding of their clients. Tune in for this episode as Prue and Den open up, dive in deep and get vulnerable.


What you will learn in this episode…



  • What is Kinesiology and how to use it to address your body’s need for clarity
  • How Prue hit the ground running as a mind-body medicine practitioner
  • Why meditation for entrepreneurs can help you focus and grow your business
  • Understand the Yin and Yang relationship on a deeper level
  • How to increase value on your service using the power of Kinesiology





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